Annual Mt. Lowe / Alpine Tavern Excursion

December 2, 2006

Brian Marcroft, Stacey Camp, Bruce Spears and Susan Mumper all enjoyed camping
out at the Tavern Site on December 1, the night before the excursion.

Stacey (in red) is conducting a  research project on the  Mount Lowe Resort and Railway
as part of her doctoral program at Stanford University - see website


prior to nightfall, Brian stokes the firepit

The day of the event - 8 AM - people line up at the top of Lake Ave. to carpool up the mountain

Cars parked at Alpine Tavern Site


Walking from the Parked Cars to the Alpine Tavern Site

Point of Interest
Below is the same area - the Tavern - in September, 1972



The crowd mingles prior to chow time

Lee Zebold and Dee Marcroft before
food was prepared

Lee with Joe Hall and Adrian  (Brian's daughter)

Attendees enjoy the displays showing old photos
and historical memories

See video of poster viewing from Kathie Wilde
(sister of Robert Wilde)

Jaycee Pigg, Pattie Pigg Wilde and Kathie Wilde
(relatives of our late Robert Wilde)

Kathie Wilde and Brian Marcroft

Nick Spark (Pancho Barnes Film) &

 Lance Ferm (Thaddeus Lowe Website)

The original plans drawn up for our 1996
re-creation of the Pavilion



Visit to Inspiration Point - Brian and Lee sharing the history of building the Ramada


Echo Mtn. from Inspiration Point

Easter Rock Visit


The Ceremony discussing our history and giving testimony to the attendees about Mt. Lowe experiences

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