Annual Mt. Lowe / Alpine Tavern Excursion

December 6, 2008

Click to see Silky Griffith Video by John Harrigan


The trip up was met with debris


Once at the Tavern site, pictures are displayed

In the background are Brian Marcroft, John Harrigan and Bruce Spears of the volunteer group, listening to Silky Griffith on the left as he addresses the crowd - Silky is one of the last persons we know who once rode up the Incline Car to the Tavern when he was a boy

Brian Marcroft talking with wife, Dee

Adrian helping serve food

Smokey Bear showed up again

Of course we had to take a walk over to
Inspiration Point

At left, 94 year old Silky Griffith poses, and above is the view down from Inspiration Point looking at Pasadena and Los Angeles


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