Annual Mt. Lowe / Alpine Tavern Excursion

December 1, 2012

Another Successful event in 2012
Thank you Brian and Dee Marcroft for all the preparation and planning



We got our tickets, and started up the road


Here was our destination....with a campfire, food and good cheer waiting on us





A young visitor enjoying his day                         Dee Marcroft handling the food/drinks for the group


Lee Zebold talking to John Harrigan                      Brian Marcroft talking to group


Chris cooked the dogs.  John Harrigan waiting for food. 

We had coffee, cocoa, pastries, and hot dogs

After we filled our bellies, we ventured out to hike up to the Point....Inspiration Point

We had some weather, but very little rainfall.




The Boy Scouts  posted the Colors, and Brian and the Volunteer Gang stood in front of the crowd.
From left to right...Brian,  John, Lee, Joel, Chris and Susan....representing the Volunteers which number up to 100 members.




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