Jim Spencer

Passed Thursday February 17, 2005

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Jim and his Boy Scout troops spent many years as the lone protectors of what remained of the Mount Lowe Railway in the Angeles National Forest beginning in the 1950's.   In 1992 after tricking me and some others into thinking that we were joining an already established Mt Lowe volunteer group he turned over the care of the railway remants to us, the Scenic Mt. Lowe Railway Historical Committee.

Jim volunteered in the Forest until about 2000.   He suffered from Alzheimers.   When Jim first learned of his condition  he called me to say...  "I have some good news and some bad news....the good news is that I can remember your phone number..... the bad news is I don't know how long  I will  in the future"

Jim was always friendly and positive. He loved the Boy Scouts and dedicated many  years in the scouting organization. He helped establish the Volunteer program in the National Forests and in the Angeles National Forest in the late 70's.  In the 90's he was given an award in Washington DC  for his contributions to our National Forests.

Jim retired  in 1987 from the Electric System Planning organization at SCE where he had worked his entire career as a Planning Engineer.

Brian Marcroft

Below are several historic photos of Jim from 1958

See Jim's Obituary in the L.A. Times at bottom


These photos are from Brian Marcroft's archives.  The year is 1958 and Jim is seen helping
the Boy Scouts in their work parties.



Jim with his new Chain Saw




Boy Scouts sitting at Inspiration Point, 1958







Boy Scouts hiking up the Great Incline - 1958




Boy Scouts at Powerhouse, 1958


Boy Scouts, Troop 10, at Alpine Tavern - 1958




















Jim at Tavern Annex, 1958 (white T shirt with arms crossed)


1958 Work Party at Tavern



Jim at age 11 with his sister
In back is Herbert the Mule of the "One Man and a Mule Railway"

Brian Marcroft and Jim Spencer in 1992 when our group was first formed

Obituary for Jim in L.A. Times