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Photos of Grand Opening - July 12, 2003


Ron Jasinski of the Scenic Mt. Lowe Committee presenting Edna Smith a rare photo of the Incline Car during the Dec. 6, 2003 annual Excursion to Mt. Lowe.  John Harrigan is looking on.

The Altadena Historical Society (AHS) was founded in 1935 and publishes a quarterly newsletter named

The Echo

Quarterly guest speakers are presented on such topics as the Mt. Lowe Railway, the Pacific Electric Red Cars, Altadena's historic gardens, and the airfield owned by Cecil B. DeMille.  Three of these quarterly programs are presented in the Community Room of the Altadena Public Library, the fourth at our annual picnic in June.

The Society's business is conducted by a board of directors.

The Society has been a steadfast supporter of the Scenic Mt. Lowe Committee over the years.

Altadena's roots date to the 1870's and there are numerous tales, photos, remnants, and writings that tell the story of our history.  

Such persons as Judge Benjamin Eaton, John and Frederick Woodbury, John Brown's two sons - Owen and Jason, Benjamin "Don Benito" Wilson, Andrew McNally, Col. G.G. Green, Zane Grey, William Heninger and of course, Thaddeus Lowe are just a few of the many historical characters that make up the voluminous records that are kept by the AHS.


Altadena: Between Wilderness and City

a new history of Altadena written by Michele Zack
and published by the Altadena Historical Society

"...Not only does Michele Zack tell the lively story of Altadena in an encompassing and vibrant way, she places that story in its most complete regional and national context... This is history as written by a writer of insight who knows that. Altadena as place, city, reality, and dream encompasses the range and richness of American life."- State Librarian Kevin Starr

Altadena: Between Wilderness and City is a 240-page book with 251 historical photographs and illustrations, many of which are being reproduced for the first time.

Books may be purchased ($34.00 plus tax) at the Society's office at the Altadena Community Center, 730 East Altadena Drive, just west of the Sheriff's Station; at Websters Pharmacy; and Ms. Dragon Print & Copy at 873 Mariposa. Web link to order book:

Society hours are Monday and Tuesday from 9 AM to 1 PM.   For information on alternate pick-up times, please call Sara Carnahan at 626-794~5416.   We regret that we are unable to accept cash or credit cards; please pay by check or money-order only.

Left: Edna Smith with Silky Griffith at AHS meeting.   
Right: Virginia Bagnard and Silky - two who rode the Incline way back then
Silky, a member of the Scenic Mt. Lowe volunteers, contributed to the Society his famous photograph
of the Top of the Incline taken through a telescope in 1938

At Altadena Historical Society meeting - In order left to right
Robert Wilde *  Brian Marcroft * Neil Salee * Ron Jasinski
(Neil Salee is a descendant of Professor Lowe)

    See Photos from June 2nd Picnic   


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