Lee Varnum


Memorial to Lee Varnum
A loyal Volunteer and Friend

October 5, 1932 to May 6, 2002


Lee with Mom - 1950's

Lee and Del - 1968


Nephew Frank and Lee


On Bahamas Cruise - 2001


...with fellow volunteer, Bill Crouch

Lee's photo of Brian Marcroft and John Harrigan at caretaker's residence site on Mt. Echo


... with the group working on 
Incline Tracks
Work Day - March 2, 2002

..with fellow volunteer, Bruce Spears


Work day (near Monument)



Lee had been hiking up this trail on Monday, May 6.  He experienced a sudden and fatal heart attack, and was found that morning by hikers.

On May 14, a small group of the volunteers along with Lee's sister, Virginia, went up to the site of Lee's passing for a memorial visit.  This is on the Brown Mountain Trail about 1 mile up from the Millard Canyon parking lot.  The pictures above show the cross made by John Harrigan, and planted by Brian Marcroft; the other shows some of the group in attendance.





"Lee's heart will always be with you in the mountains...he loved you all"



 ...from his sister Virginia Dryden addressing the Volunteer Group