Members and Contributors

We at the Scenic Mt. Lowe Railway Historical Committee would 
like to thank and recognize the many efforts of those who have 
contributed to preserve the Mount Lowe Railway and its 
remnants for future generations.

Brian Marcroft
John Harrigan
Lee Zebold

Chris Sneed
Alan Hardey
Susan Mumper
Joel McCauley
Christopher Roach
Joe Hall
Bruce Chubbuck
Scott Nielsen
Bruce Spears
Ron Jasinski

Kent Hamel
Paul Ayers
Bill Crouch
Mike  Quintana
Silky Griffith
Johanna Turner
Karon Williams
Virginia Bagnard
Dee Marcroft
Adrian Marcroft
Megan Harrigan
Glen Owens
Mike McIntyre
Jake Brower
Ron Craddick
Rebecca Enayati
Lorraine Montes
Maurice Garcia
Robert Garrett
Robert Kimmell
Woody McCauley
Skip McNevin
Gil Roscoe
Allen Treen
Dick Yost
Thad Marcroft
Ben Galbraith
Mike Rogers
Mike Manning
Bill Ferguson

Frank Crunk
Bob Morgan
Paul Rippens
Richard Bolton
Sharon Briel
George Geer
Don Gilland
Jimmy Dichirico
Paul James Gomez
Bob Dollins
Mike Hollis
Bob Jennings
Holly Knox
John Larson
Donald MacPherson
Ralph Melching
John Robinson
Michael Patris
Tom Selinske
Miles Standish
Reggy Sully
Karen Sutherland
Betty Tham
Kathleen Warrick
Roger Withers
Mike Post
Bill Leslie
Skip Kain
Phyllis Chapman
Frank Nicholson
Michelle Jacques
John Laue
Kathy Reilly
Eric Sauppe
Brian Young
Jason Young
Jason Chantry
Chuck Shamblin
Andy Carr
Charles Seims


Altadena Historical Society
Big Santa Anita Historical Society
Altadena Heritage
Pacific Railroad Society
Boy Scouts of America
JPL Trailblazers
Angeles National Forest
Arroyo Seco Ranger District
L.A. River Ranger District
Los Angeles Times
L.A. Dept. of Water & Power
Sante Fe Railroad
Aris Helecopter
Pasadena Star News


Dennis Merkel
District Ranger
Angeles National Forest
US Dept of Agriculture


Astrid Ellersieck
Lee Varnum

Terry Ellis
Edna Smith
Robert Wilde
Jim Spencer
Silky Griffith



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