Lowe Aerogram

Some out of many original postcards from Neil Sallee,
a descendent of Professor Lowe and Betty Herr

Ye Alpine Tavern


Fireplace in Tavern

Sign above Fireplace read:
"Ye Ornament of a House is ye Guest who both Frequent it."


Horseback on Trail
(the back of card is postmarked Oct. 4, 1909)


Searchlight that could light up Catalina Island


From the Herr Family Collection - Betty Herr (1925-2004)

Top of Incline with loaded Incline Car                                 Powerhouse at top of Incline


Circular Bridge                                                     Echo Mtn. looking down


Trolley enroute to Alpine Tavern                                   Mount Lowe and early Altadena

Rainbow Falls, Rubio Canyon past the Great Incline


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