Goodbye, Robert




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Robert was proud to wear the Forestry uniform.

Our fallen comrade

....a good friend, faithful volunteer,  historian and photographer who contributed essential information to our group allowing us to recreate structures as originally built that couldn't have occured otherwise.

Robert L. Wilde was born June 8, 1942 in Highland Park, Michigan.  When he was 4 years of age, the family relocated to Pasadena, California.

Robert was mentored as a young man by a volunteer in the Big Brother program, Joe Katzenbarger, who further instilled in him a love of the mountains and of forestry and hiking in the San Gabriel Mountain Range.  Joe's influence became a large part of Robert's early development.  His interests were heightened in the Mt. Lowe Railway.  In his days as a student at Eliot Junior High School, his collection of Mout Lowe Railway and Echo Mountain memorabilia and photographs and any artifact he could get his hands on caught the interest of the press.  It also sparked the interest of a fellow student, Charles Seims, who later in life, wrote a book, "Mount Lowe. The Railway In The Clouds".  Charles' book featured some of the photographs from Robert's collection and the two men remained life-long friends.

Robert was a volunteer with the Angeles National Forest through our organization, the Scenic Mt. Lowe Railway Historical Committee.  For many years he worked with the group constructing and re-creating signs, structures, repairing remnants, and whatever else the group would do on its many outings to the area. 



October 1, 1948

December, 1950

Dad and Me, September 2, 1984 - Joshua Wilde

Charles Seims and Robert Wilde at Incline
Centenial - 100 Year Anniversary Mt. Lowe Railway

Signing autographs at public event
July 4, 1993

With Brian at Alpine Tavern

At the Pavilion / Inspiration Point

Annual December event at Alpine Tavern

With Brian at Switzer's

Visiting Lee's Office - July, 2003

On a Work Party



Lunch break at Mt. Lowe Tavern


Here Robert is taking pictures of us, his mates, on a working party

That's all Folks.  I'll be headin' up the road now.  See you around


June 8, 1942 - September 1, 2006

Robert, you have moved to another place, but we know
you'll be around in spirit.  Still, we will miss you, friend.