Terry C. Ellis
District Ranger/Angeles National Forest

Terry giving citation to Brian Marcroft at Pavilion dedication in 1996


Terry Ellis, born June 1,1938 in Jamestown, New York and who lived in Westfield, New York as a youth,  died June 21, 2004 at his home in St. George, Utah at age 66. He was the son of Westfield residents Thelma and Paul Ellis. Terry is survived by his wife, Jean,daughters, Becky, Deborah, and Stephanie, six grandchildren and sister Susan Ellis Mapston.

He was a patriotic American and served in the U.S. Marine Corps. Making his way through college working as a fireman,  he graduated from the University of Arizona where he earned a master's degree in Watershed Management. After graduating, he continued to serve his country, working for the U.S. Forest Service for 32 years until retirement in 2001. Early in his career, he helped pioneer the use of helicopters for logging operations in northern California. An experienced wild land fire fighter, he held leadership positions in fighting numerous fires including service on a Class 1 Overhead Team, the highest level of leadership team organized to direct fighting of large fires. For 20 years until retiring, he managed a complex Ranger District in the Angeles National Forest based in La Canada, California. He earned numerous Forest Service awards for leadership and special accomplishments. He was characterized as a "Ranger of the people for the people" by some of the public he served. He moved to St. George after retirement.

Mr. Ellis attended St. Peters Episcopal Church where he served as an altar boy. He excelled at golf, a talent he developed as a youth while caddying on courses in the Lake Chautauqua area. He played football at De Veaux School in Niagra Falls, New York,  the Marine Corps and the University of Arizona. He was an accomplished skier, a sport he took up at age 41, and was known for fearless runs down the steepest slopes,

 He enjoyed music and gardening and cherished time with his grandchildren who he considered his best buddies. Among his favorite times were family ski outings in the mountains of California and Utah. Always remembering his Westfield heritage, he  enjoyed growing concord grapes, strawberries and a variety of vegetables..


Terry retired as a  District Ranger from the U.S. Forest Service in 2001 following 37 years of government service, which included being a U.S. Marine, a firefighter and a public servant in Region 5 (California).

Terry was the supervisor for the volunteers until 2001 when he retired.  We hold many fond memories of Terry, and well remember all the support he gave us as a group.