The Way to Mt. Lowe
A Southern California Tale 

The Way to Mt. Lowe: A Southern California Tale is a historical dramatization of Southern California life between the years 1892 and 1959. (Professor Lowe even appears in the chapter called "The Man of the Clouds."). The story is told from the standpoint of Lyman Bright, a young boy who with his eccentric family emigrates from Indiana in 1892 and lives the life only livable in Southern California. The central theme and metaphor is Mt. Lowe and the marvels the Professor created. The book also focuses on life along the Venice (California) Canals during Venice's cultural explosion. Filled with colorful characters and odd situations, the novel also functions on a unique level as a textbook of the history of Los Angeles and environs during a time of wonder and excitement. Cover art work by Karen Delgadillo.

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