Silky's Photo

Echo Mtn through telescope
ECHO MTN / TOP OF INCLINE - Photo by Silky Griffith - 1938
Photo Identification - Searchlight on top of building with cover open.  Ground floor obscured by safety railing.  Scaffolding is photographer's platform for tourist pictures.  Incline Car is at ready position.  Photo taken late afternoon.

NOTE:  The Railway had been closed about a year

This photo is on display at the Altadena Historical Society


This is the setup that Silky Griffith used to capture the photo above which was taken from a location at New York Drive & Pepper Drive, Altadena, California, a distance of 2 miles.  

Photograph was taken with a German Voitlander Camera through a French 45 power telescope.

NOTE:  Silky is one of the last few remaining persons still living to tell of the adventure it was when he actually rode in the Incline Car.

Note: Silky passed on July 4, 2010 and is buried at the Mountain View Cemetery along with Thaddeus Lowe.


Silky was 24 when he took the photo


Photo shows Incline Car as it descends to Rubio Canyon to pick-up more people.  Scaffolding to right of car was used by photographer to take group photos, such as the one at the right, of each group that was ready for the return trip.

January 4, 1930

Silky at Altadena Historical Society meeting - March, 2002


Silky's two sons, Dave and Jim, with the Bullwheel when it was still mounted in the Incline Station prior to the station's destruction in 1962.  The Bullwheel is now displayed about 150 feet from this, its original location, up on the flat at the entrance to the Echo Mtn. House and facilities.  See Projects

Oldest of the two boys is Dave Griffith at top of Bullwheel.  He is now 70 years old.

 Photo taken in 1948.

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