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May 22, 23, 2010

Boy Scout troop 526 performed a valuable service project this past weekend.

The troop hiked in from Dawn Station to Mt Lowe trail camp on Friday evening and stayed until Sunday morning.

They carried in hand tools as well as the alpine trail cart. On Saturday.they moved about 3 ton of rock to the void that was cut under the debris dam by the recent storms. The debris dam was in danger of falling apart. This action saved the dam from further damage and also will now make it easier for the dozer crew to clean up the area in August.



When we went out to Inspiration Point, we found some roofing work that needed to be done.  We also noticed an addition to the Viewing Tubes...someone indeed has a good sense of humor.   Whoever they are, they helped us to decide what to do where the oddball locating telescope tube post is there at Inspiration Point.  ( see photos) It even has mirrors in it so it actually works.

OK....who's the joker?

Many thanks to the leaders and young men of troop 526

Brian Marcroft


New Bench, Roof and Trail sign-in on Mt Lowe summit

Jonathan Wang - Eagle Project 

Troop 737 from Walnut, California

The scouts did an excellent job.

Getting the 165 lb bench up to the summit was a real challenge.











Brian Marcroft - tireless Forest Service Volunteer
sitting on newly installed bench


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