Projects III
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 The original flagpole for Inspiration Point was hauled back up the hill from where it had moved over the years and it was anchored near its original location in 1999.


Stairs were installed to the upper pathway at the Alpine Tavern site and the slopes below the upper and lower pathways were reinforced to prevent further erosion and loss of the concrete walkways.

From time to time, persons have donated some part they found and dragged home years ago or were brought to the groupís attention. Parts like this would include the wheel sets for the One-Man-One-Mule railway which have been restored and are now on display in the Pavilion at Inspiration Point and outside the Henniger Flats Museum on the Mt. Wilson Toll-road. The goal of the group has been to keep the Mt. Lowe Railway site in a state of arrested decay for future generations.

1958 Photo of the remnants of the Tavern - Jim Spencer and Boy Scouts in front

Mt. Lowe Campground (former site of the Alpine Tavern) where we have the annual celebration in December remembering the opening of the Tavern in December, 1895.  Many persons attend bringing photographs, postcards, memorabilia, and friendship.

Below, covering for the Search light that was found down in the canyon below Echo Mtn.

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