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Projects II

Building the Dawn Mine Station


 Dedication of the Dawn Mine Station

Below is the result of the Station Fire in Sept. 2009

Structure is destroyed by fire

  • Metal trail signs have been installed in the Alpine Tavern site and on the trails to Inspiration Point and Mt. Lowe.

  • Trail improvements and erosion control have been undertaken on the right-of-way trail from the Cape of Good Hope to Echo Mountain, the Castle Canyon Trail, the Upper Sam Merrill Trail, and the walkways and pathways around the Alpine Tavern site.

  • 35 Interpretive signs, weighing 180 pounds each, have been installed at various locations on the railway system from Echo Mountain to Inspiration Point. These signs give the viewer a look into the past showing what was in that location or what could be seen from that location. They give a “Then and Now” perspective of the railroad.


  • Cracks and holes in the circular reservoir by the Echo Mountain House were patched and filled in the last year.  

Below - taking a break after working on the reservoir
(what a sight - the San Gabriels behind Echo Mtn.)


Part of the on-going work includes maintaining the signs and other items that the group has installed over the years. 

Parts and machinery from the railway that have become unearthed and have been removed from their exposed location and stored for restoration and future display in an appropriate location. Some of these include a steel saw-horse for the maintenance of the incline cars found in the bottom of Rubio Canyon, motor armatures and motor parts found in Rubio Canyon and on Echo Mountain, and incline parts that have been located during our many work projects. 

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