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January 13  2018

One area of the railway that has not be well documented is their sewage treatment field about 3/4 mile below the tavern. Also in this area is the Chapman Falls trail which was a popular destination for visitors to the Tavern.
We are going to explore this on the 13th. I haven't been there in 14 years. Hopefully this time I can get enough data to make up a good map. We discovered these underground tanks in 1994 while following a sewer pipe out of the stables area. 

Brian Marcroft

A most beautiful day on the mountain

Parked on road above underground tanks about 200 feet down the side of the mountain

One of the valves for controlling the flow


The site of one of the tanks.  We dug a little deeper to find access....

Opened a corner of the tank so we could see in

Getting to our destination, however, required several stops to clear the road


February 25, 2017

Because of a lot of rain, we had to wait almost a month before going back up to continue our rock bashing. 

We were the Motley Crew







January 28, 2017

We arrived about 9:00 AM on the road just above Cape Of Good Hope.  We thought that we all would have to back up for 1/4 of a mile at the end of the day but we ended up figuring out how to turn around on a road that...if you screwed'd be hurtling down the mountain. We started the gas Jack Hammer that we had purchased the previous Tuesday. The rock was a little harder than we had thought . About 1 1/2 gallons of gas later we had enough of the rock broken off to get by. Took us 4 hours....picks, shovels, sledge hammers and the trusty new motorized Jack Hammer.

The next rock was waiting just above horse shoe curve.


We will deal with it next time.  



The fearsome Mt. Lowe Volunteers - unstoppable, determined and just plain mean




Below, next project....on up the road a piece


Work Party - May 24, 2014

Paint the Pavilion at Inspiration Point

A workday involving painting the Pavilion and benches and posts. 

Long needed renovation.  We also cleaned up the area doing weeding and eliminating plant growth that had
come too close to the structures. (fire hazard)














November 2, 2013
Fixing Signage & Helicopter Rescue

PROOF: This is what happens to men who work too long as volunteers....they get old and tired looking



 While we were working on the Mt Lowe east trail the sheriff dept helicopter dropped off (repelled down on ropes) two paramedics near Inspiration Point.  The helicopter then set down on the old Mt Lowe Alpine Tavern  tennis courts. We were parked near there.  We drove out to inspiration point to see if we could assist.

There was a man there that they were treating. He was a hiker who apparently collapsed on the trail.  We ended up driving the paramedics and patient back to the tennis court area for their flight to Huntington Memorial.  This saved them the trouble of having to hoist the man in a liter basket and the rescue guys while the helicopter hovered overhead.

At first the man appeared to be having heart problems but I think as we neared the helicopter the paramedics thought that it might be exhaustion.



Patient being lead to Helicopter after exiting Brian's Van.



Rock Pounding on Service Road

near Granite Gate

The road has become laden with many rocks and small boulders.  This one we worked on, August 3, 2013,
was large enough to demand immediate action as passage by vehicle was very



We used wedges to create cracks to allow splitting of the rock


The Wrecking Crew after about 3 hours of work


Bryant Bohorquez put together this video of our work day


On our way back down the mountain on the way home we witnessed Water and Power fixing the lines on some of the large power poles - the most amazing thing happened when we saw one of the Copters drop down and pick up 2 workers, and fly off dragging them behind like a Disneyland ride.




Inspiration Point Pavilion

September 17, 2011
Repairing Roof - damaged shingles

Below - Original 1996 photo postcard  Paul Ayers and Joel McCauley


The Pavilion or Ramada as some cal it, periodically needs maintenance.  The portion of the roof we are attending here is the most exposed to weather and the sun's heat.  The shingles are blown away by high winds which can be over 100 mph at times here.



Boy Scouts working on week removal            





Work Crew - December 5, 2009

At the Mt. Lowe Campground
We created another dam down the canyon anticipating a lot of
mud after the Station Fire

Photos provided by Brian Marcroft , Kevin Singleton, Robert Winters and Paul Ayers

/Driving up the Service Road to our destination....Cape of Good Hope from above

Several stops required to clear the road for passage....looking at some of the devastation

Getting tools at the Cape

The project begins near the Campground

The dam fencing after construction - Project completed

Notice that we purposely stacked large rocks at the base of the up side of the fencing so as to reinforce its strength against oncoming mud and debris

Time for chow

See our Debris Dam one week later after the rains.  It worked !!

Below, the dam we constructed the year before....still holds

Awesome views on a cold day

The area west of the Campground where the water flows through the
canyon is the location where we put the new dam

Looking south over the Phantom Sea

The Tom Sloan Saddle with Josephine Peak in the distance

The Tom Sloan Trail enters the devastation at the right center of the photo, the Mount Lowe Truck Trail can be seen faintly above it