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Work Crew:
John Harrigan, Guy Kuhn, Stephnie Bethel,Terry Bethel, Kyle Bethel
Lisa Churchi V, Mike Makshanoff, Joe Hall, Chris Sneed
Becky Anderson, Josh Anderson, Brian Marcroft


This is the tunnel near the top of the road that leads up toward Mt. Wilson from the Alpine Tavern.

John Harrigan ready to start the job



This is how the road looked before the gang went to work.



After Job is Done


Work trip January 29, 2005

We had a good turn out of volunteers on this day.  The sun was out, no rain, and although fairly cold, we had a great day.  We able to travel only a short distance up the fire road as landslides abounded.  Finally we had to stop at the one great slide that was beyond our work crew abilities.  So we had to hike in.

Echo Mountain from Castle Canyon



A beautiful day in the neighborhood

photos by John Harrigan, Johanna Turner
and Brian Marcroft






Only hiking from here on out



Work trip Jan 08, 2005.   Some photos by Brian during storm.


Brain with Robert Wilde at Altadena Historical after Brian came back from Mountain 1/8/05


Many have heard of the torrential rain storms we have been experiencing in the last several weeks here in southern California.  On Jan 8, 2005, in the rain, Brian Marcroft braved a sojourn to the mountain all alone.  He wanted to see, among other things, how well things stood up in the deluge after fixing some of the drainage areas back on 12/11/04. 
Below see a "before-after" view of what he found on Jan 8.

Work Party 12-11-04

At Inspiration Point


Looking below, 1st picture is before storm and and 2nd is during storm.  The job worked
and successfully evacuated the rushing water  

12/11/04  Before

1/8/05   During


Work Project at main trench near Alpine Tavern

   12/11/04 Before

1/8/05   During




End of Day at Cape of Good Hope



OH BROTHER ! Here are some photos from our road clearing work party on Oct. 30 after all those rains. 

Got to clear the road for our December event !!

Thanks to the mountain bikers (see picture below) who helped move the last rock off the road.  A new lady -  Karon - helped today, and she does a mean hammer.

We left the gate around 8:00 AM and got as far as we could go.... close to the campground at the Alpine Tavern but not there, after 12:30.  The pictures speak for themselves. 

Particularly the look and pose of Joe Hall. 






Thanks for your help, Mountain Bikers !!



Work Party on March 27, 2004

The picnic table seen below was thrown over the side, and had been uprooted from its securing post (can be seen in photo).  We procured a "healthy" chain from our inventory and surreptitiously wrapped the chain around the base of the table so that the vandalism could not occur again.  Another work day we will return to secure to securing posts on both sides.

We usually find many boulders and slides on the road that must be broken up and put over the side.

The Reservoir near the Observatory was full of debris.  We cleaned it out and this is the "after" shot --

The Chain Gang

 Reservoir at Observatory



Observatory before brush clearing


After Clearing with view of Echo Mtn and Altadena below



Work Party on January 10, 2004

This 1978 photo shows the 2 wheels that were found by Brian Marcroft at the bottom of Rubio Canyon


The Volunteers met Saturday morning, Jan. 10, hiked out to Echo Mtn., and descended the steep mountain (about 40% grade) to retrieve the 2 wheels that had been in the stream bed at the bottom of the canyon for many years.  They were very heavy, and with a lot of sweat, the use of ropes, pulleys and a hand truck, we were able to bring them both up to almost the top of the hill to the Echo Mtn. hotel site..
Photo contributions by Ron Jasinski, Bruce Chubbuck and Brian Marcroft

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