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Projects 5 / Events

Painting Job, June 28, 2003

Because of vacations, other obligations, etc. we had a low turn out today  --  However, we did have a "Lowe turn out" -- out of 7 persons, 3 of them were descendents of Thaddeus Lowe -- Joe Hall, Stephanie Bethel, and Lisa Bethal.  John Harrigan, as usual, lead the way - and we painted the Dawn Mine Station, the Pavilion, and the Picnic structure.

Lisa and Stephanie Bethel, descendents of Thaddeus Lowe, came all the way 
from Victorville to work with the group and to see the sites.

More prep work prior to spray painting.

3 descendents of Professor Lowe working together prepping the Pavilion for John to paint. 
Joe Hall, Lisa and Stephanie Bethel

John Harrigan painting the underside of the Pavilion

Painting Dawn Mine Station

The Bethels with Ron Jasinski

Taking a breather at the Dawn Mine Station

A Boy Scout sanding and prepping the viewing tubes to get a badly needed face lift.

Brian Marcroft - finishing touches

Viewing Tubes after being repainted


Work Party, April 12
(road to Alpine Tavern Camp)

Brian, Kevin and Bruce C.  were up the hill on the upper road trying to pull on the tree to lift it off the telephone lines.  I scrambled up the tree roots and cut the last remaining snag most of the way through.  The guys up the hill could not budge it so I gave it a good pull with the old truck and brought it down.  We dragged all the pieces up the hill to the tennis courts and nailed them all down where the bikers were going down.  (We've been having trouble with mountain bikes destroying the terrain)  With a fence post driven in the middle of their runs, I think we will have slowed them down. Sam has some big pine trees on a job he is clearing and he will cut them into trailer length pieces for me to take up and deposit around the edge of the tennis court area.- John Harrigan



December, 2002

The removal of the munitions bin from the closed Oak Grove Park Ranger Station.

The storage shed for all our tools was being moved to the new Ranger location in Little Tujunga - too far distant to make any sense for us.  So, with permission, we moved this unused bin that had sat there forever up to Cape of Good Hope with the help of a volunteer with a huge trash truck.  This metal bin lined inside with wood weighs, we estimate, over 5000 pounds...a little heavy to put in John's pick-up.

Half the job is done by the Can Do Boys - now to move this baby up the mountain to Cape of Good Hope.  
From l to r- Bruce Spears, John Harrigan, Sam Sammelman.(owner of the truck), Lee Zebold and Brian Marcorft.  
Not shown (the photographer) Robert Wilde 

Below - we have arrived up the mountain to the CAPE

Here we are at Cape of Good Hope - about 6 - 7 miles from Oak Grove.  Truck has backed up to spot where we want to drop the BIN.  Here we can be seen talking about how it will be done.

Historian, Robert Wilde,  ready to supervise the dropping of the BIN in location where he stands.  OH NO - it tipped over on its back - what you see above - right is the top of the BIN.  
(Robert is not under it - don't worry)

Sam hooks up his truck cable to appropriate spot on BIN and pulls it upright, and then
positions it utilizing his truck to push the BIN back several feet for it's final resting spot.

Days is done - Now to clean it up, paint it, and stow our tools - 
That's for another day !!

Sanded and primered -- next we'll paint it an earth tone, and be done.